1. Price your home fairly. I can give you comps and advice, but each house is unique. Use the sold prices to help determine the value, not the asking prices of homes, as overpriced houses are often reduced before a purchase offer materializes.

2. Decide when you need to move and list your house early enough, taking into consideration the normal marketing time for your area plus the fact that it normally takes 60 days to close after a contract has been signed.

3. Make your home as inviting as possible. Clean out the closets. Pack away all the smaller items. Plants on the porch, brownies in the oven, music in the background all help to send positive messages to the buyer.

4. Simplify your decorating. Less is best. Buyers have a hard time seeing how large a room is if it is filled with furniture. However, vacant homes are harder to sell than furnished homes.

5. Pack away those family photos and mementos, as they are going with you. The buyer will have a harder time picturing himself in the house if it is too personalized.

6. Clean! It doesn’t matter how immaculate your home is, it still needs a once over as buyers will be looking in crannies you probably didn’t know existed.

7. Be prepared to show the house. Make showing instructions as easy as possible.

8. Take care of the pets. Litter boxes should be emptied daily, pet hair needs to be vacuumed since some people have allergies. Dogs should be confined.

9. Try not to be home when the property is shown. Even though it is an inconvenience, the potential buyers will be more comfortable, ask more questions, and feel more at home if they don’t have to be concerned about inconveniencing you. Also, the space seems larger if there aren’t additional people inside. (You can go for a walk or sit on the deck.)

10. Although the house is priced with the condition in mind, fix the items that you can. A little paint can go a long way.

The suggestions will help, but are not mandatory. I am always avaliable to give you a complimentary market analysis to help determine the value of your home. Call or text me: 607 351-1273 or e-mail: barbb@baka.com