Shortening the length of a mortgage can save you thousands of dollars:

Payments on a $150,000 mortgage, at 4.5% interest, paid over 30 years will be $760.03 a month, principal and interest.

Adding another hundred dollars a month to the payment, bringing it to $860.03, shortens the length of the mortgage to 23.7 years, and saves you $57,762.13.

By doing a bi-weekly mortgage, the payment would be $380.01 every other week. The mortgage would be paid off in 25.6 years, saving you $21,025.19 in interest payments.

The payments on a $150,000 mortgage at 4.5% for a 15 year mortgage would be $387.00 per month higher ( $1,147.49) but the mortgage would be paid off in half the time.

Another advantage of shortening the length of time on a mortgage is that you will be building equity faster than you would on a 30 year loan.

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